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Mosquito & Spider Misting Systems

Are you tired of mosquitoes and bugs making your outdoor spaces unbearable? Do you have a lot of spiders? Are you worried about insect-borne diseases. Misting systems are a safe and effective way to control pests. The mist creates a protective barrier that will defend your home.

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West Nile

Mosquito misting system pest control

All you Need to Know

Using a misting system that is designed and installed by Fast Outdoor Services is an effective way to combat mosquitoes, spiders, and wasps. A misting systems is programmed to automatically mist your yard a present intervals providing a consistent application of insecticide. Since most misting applications are only active for a few hours, it is important to properly program your system to be most effective. The goal is to create an effective barrier around your yard through proper placement and timing.
Most modern insecticides are derived from pyrethrins, which come from the seeds of the Chrysanthemum plant. Because they are biodegradable, they are only fatal to insects for a short amount of time. A small amount is misted at given intervals. These water-based insecticides are safe for people and pets. On top of that, you will be protecting your family from bug-borne illnesses.
While the concentrates you will use are considered safe, it is still best to avoid direct contact with the mist. However, you can go back to enjoying your yard shortly after the misting cycle.
The misting systems consist of insecticide reservoir, motor and pump assembly, timer and strategically placed nozzles.
Misting systems can be used around your home, business, patio, boat dock, and any other outdoor space. Nozzles are installed discreetly along your home and through your yard as needed.
It can take anywhere from half a day to several days to install your system based on your exact needs. Once we determine the number of nozzles and locations, we can better estimate the time frame.

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